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How is Water Stewardship Relevant to You?

People interested in water stewardship are:


Major water users
(e.g. agricultural, industrial, institutional)
that implement water stewardship at their site using the AWS Standard


Work with Implementers to solve water-related challenges in their catchment or industry
(e.g. catchment managers, water suppliers, supply chain managers)

Third-party service providers

Provide AWS accredited water stewardship training, consulting and auditing services


Support our work towards achieving sustainable water balance, good water quality, good water governance, and healthy ecosystems and cultural sites in our region

How to get started?

To implement water stewardship at your site

To promote water stewardship in your catchment or supply chain

  • Contact us about engaging with sites in your region and/or industry

To provide water stewardship services
(consulting, auditing, training)

To support our work

With water stewardship we can make a substantial difference to securing the future of water for our businesses, people and the environment.


AWS International Water Stewardship Standard

AWS Interim Accreditation Requirements for Conformity Assessment Bodies, Training Service Providers, and Consultants

Water Stewardship Summary Brochure

Water Stewardship Update

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