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Water, Stewardship & Fashion Supply Chains

Water, Stewardship & Fashion Supply Chains Event The Asia-Pacific region, where the Australian fashion and apparel supply chains begin, is facing growing water stress. China's crackdown on water pollution has also caused major impact to the industry. Water is emerging as a business risk. How secure is your supply chain? How secure is your brand…

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Upcoming AWS Water Stewardship Trainings in Brisbane

Upcoming AWS Water Stewardship Trainings in¬†Brisbane 13-15 June   AWS Asia-Pacific will be running Foundation, Advanced and Specialist trainings in the AWS International Standard in Brisbane on the 13-15 June. These 1-3 day trainings are open to all participants working in or with an interest in water management and governance. Whether you are a major…

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Accounting for Ecosystem Outcomes and the AWS Standard

System of Environmental-Economic Accounting (SEEA) and the AWS Standard The AWS International Water Stewardship Standard (the AWS Standard), provides a systematic approach for companies to improve their water use and the quality of their involvement in the management of water resources. The ambitions of the AWS Standard imply recognising a connection between site and firm…

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