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September 2017 Newsletter: Forums and Training Programmes

September 2017 Newsletter: Forums and Training Programmes Aboriginal Traditional Knowledge and Cultural Water are challenging topics to people trained in classical Western science, engineering and hydrology. Brad Moggridge is interested in bridging the gap between Traditional Science and Western Science. Trained as a scientist and hydrogeologist he is now researching how the combination of Traditional and Western…

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July 2017 News: Evidence of growing need for Water Stewardship

"Much of southern Australia has had the lowest June rainfall in over 100 years of historical record and BoM is predicting a significant likelihood that the period of low rainfall will continue through to September! The increasing interest in water affairs and the need for good water management practices provides an opportunity for Water Stewardship Australia…

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June 2017 News: Meet our new team members & update on WSA activities in Asia Pacific

June 2017 Newsletter: New team members and updates on Asia Pacific activities The WSA team is growing with 3 new team members joining the offices in Melbourne and China. We are appreciative of the support we have received from the Australian Water Partnership in employing new team members and wish them all the success in furthering…

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