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Water Protection Hand in Hand

An article from students engaging in water stewardship at Hangzhou Zhongce Vocational School… Water Protection Hand in Hand Authors: FanFeiyan, Han Jiahui, QiZhouyang Directors: Qi, Yin, Zhao In May 2016, led by the Alliance for Water Stewardship and Green Zhejiang (Zhejiang Green Technology and Culture Promotion Association), Hangzhou Zhongce Vocational School and Australian Somerville Secondary College established…

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Demonstrating Good Water Stewardship in Major Industrial Park, China

Industrial Parks (IPs) have played a major role as growth engines for the local economy in the 30-year economic transition in China. IPs contributed significantly to national GDP, employment, exports and attraction of foreign investment. However, due to rapid industrial expansion and development density, IPs have also faced increasing resource constraints and serious issues of environmental degradation.…

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2016 Wrap-Up: Aboriginal Water Highlighted

Aboriginal Water Highlighted Aboriginal water access and cultural water remain major challenges despite progress over the past decade, members and guests were told at this year’s Water Stewardship Oration that followed the WSA Annual General Meeting. Brad Moggridge, from the Kamilaroi Nation in North Western New South Wales and a lead thinker on cultural water, delivered…

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