Short-term position for Communications & Outreach Officer in Water Stewardship (Indonesia)

AWS Asia Pacific is on the hunt for a Communications & Outreach Officer to work alongside our Country Representative in Indonesia. This short-term 3 month position will assist with the logistics and promotion in the lead up to water stewardship training sessions and a major event on 7, 8 and 9 May 2018.

Indonesia is a hot spot for water stewardship, and there is a growing awareness that action at catchment level is required in order to sustain healthy businesses with the environment. Companies, government, NGOs and communities need to tackle these challenges through joint action planning and budgeting. AWS Asia-Pacific began assessing the Indonesian market in October 2017, investigating water-related issues in several industry sectors operating in Indonesia (including agriculture, textile, food & beverages). The investigation has identified opportunities where water stewardship could make a positive impact in Indonesia through the uptake of water stewardship by (multi-national) companies, identifying strategic partnerships and aligning with governmental regulations and standards.

With the support of the Australian Water Partnership, the upcoming AWS Asia-Pacific event and training sessions in Indonesia will be create momentum to tap into the opportunities identified and build on the uptake of water stewardship in Indonesia.

This role will be an opportunity for an emerging professional who wants to gain experience in water stewardship but providing support in event logistics and the promotion of water stewardship to potential industry and government partners.

To apply, please read the position description for more details, and send through your CV and other relevant information to Basja Jantowski, AWS Asia Pacific Country Representative (Indonesia), by Sunday 11 March 2018.

Communications & Outreach Officer Position Description

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