Customised solutions to help your organisation transform your water future.

Enabling water stewardship practices and impacts

We advocate for water stewardship by providing technical advisory and implementing demonstration projects.

Select initiatives:

  • Indo-Pacific Water Stewardship Program
  • Building a Water Stewardship Community in the Western Port Biosphere Reserve, Australia
  • Supporting the Certification of Renmark Irrigation Trust, Australia
  • Supporting the Certification of Renmark Paringa Council, Australia
  • Supporting the Certification of Apple suppliers

We also offer water stewardship tools and resources, such as:

  • Water RoadMap, a strategic analysis, scorecard and plan for water and wastewater management.
  • APP4AWS, a project management and collaboration tool for water stewardship implementation and certification
  • Water stewardship training to help you practice and implement water stewardship.

Supporting regional and local networks of water stewards

We coordinate platforms for water stewardship dialogue and knowledge exchange, and represent the water stewardship community at local and regional events.

We understand that not all organisations interact with water in the same way and are here to help you navigate your water stewardship journey. We offer support and advisory related to:

  • Corporate strategy
  • Water stewardship capacity
  • Site-level water use
  • Site and supply chain water footprint
  • Catchment and stakeholder engagement
  • Certification and verification
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