Water-using sites that are certified against the AWS Standard demonstrate the efficacy of their water stewardship practice through independent verification.

Certificate holders tell us that achieving AWS certification helps in:

improving relationships with customers,
increased investor confidence,
strengthened social license to operate,
positive brand perception and
building dialogue with regulators and policy makers.

Certification against the AWS Standard

The AWS Standard offers a credible, globally-applicable framework for water users to understand their own water use and impacts, while working collaboratively and transparently with others to manage catchment resources sustainably.

The AWS Standard was developed through a four-year multi-stakeholder consultation process that sought to set up a system that could be implemented by any site, in any sector, in any catchment around the world. The AWS Standard is the only water standard that is fully compliant with the stringent guidelines of the International Social and Environmental Accreditation and Labelling (ISEAL) Alliance.

Sites opting to become AWS certified are evaluated by neutral, expert, third-party conformity assessment bodies (CABs) accredited by AWS. Certificates are valid for three years, subject to successful annual surveillance audits.

There are three levels of site certification: Core, Gold and Platinum. Core certification indicates satisfactory compliance with the core criteria of the AWS Standard, while Gold and Platinum certification are awarded to sites that demonstrate higher levels of performance by complying with the Standard’s advanced criteria.

How to Get Certified


Get the Standard

Learn about the AWS Standard to get to know its framework, criteria and indicators. You can attend AWS training at any time to help you understand the AWS Standard.


Register your site

Notify AWS of your intent to get your site certified by completing the online site registration form.


Implement the Standard

Complete the actions in the criteria and indicators of the AWS Standard. If you encounter any difficulties, you can seek support from an AWS accredited consultant.


Arrange your audit

When you are ready to initiate the certification process, contact an AWS accredited Conformity Assessment Body (CAB) to organise an audit and negotiate fees.


Complete the audit

Have your site audited and address any gaps identified by your CAB.


Receive certificate

If there are no remaining issues, your CAB will certify your site at the Core, Gold, or Platinum level. Congratulations!


General information on certification and answers to frequently asked questions are available on the AWS International website. Let us know how we can help you become certified by getting in touch.

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