As with all not-for-profit charities, our operations have been impacted by ongoing restrictions related to COVID-19.

We have made permanent arrangements for remote working with the closure of our physical office in Abbotsford VIC, Australia. Our Australia team will continue to assist you with your water stewardship needs from the safety of their homes.

To connect with us, you can use this form or Slack.

We are also taking the following steps to ensure that we remain an engaged and resilient community throughout this crisis:

Delivering AWS Training Online

AWS Training will be available online at a significantly discounted price in June–August 2020.

AWS Asia-Pacific members, existing and new, enjoy free access to select sessions and additional discounts on others. This is excellent value, especially for individual and micro-to-small organisations. Apply to become a member today.

AWS Asia-Pacific Indonesia is now on LinkedIn

For the latest water stewardship updates and resources in Bahasa Indonesia (and English), follow AWS Asia-Pacific Indonesia’s newly launched LinkedIn page.

Washing our hands often, for at 20 seconds each time

And remembering to turn off the tap while we’re scrubbing away!

Global AWS Measures

AWS International is taking the following measures:

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