Resilient businesses and supply chains plan for and adapt to Day Zero.

How well-prepared is your business and supply chain in adapting to water restrictions? How would your operations respond to a potential Day Zero situation?

Across Australia, towns and cities are experiencing water restrictions that are increasing in frequency and duration. As conditions become hotter and drier, we contend with more frequent water restrictions and the threat of Day Zero – the day water supplies run out.

Day Zero Readiness is an innovative program that aims to build your business resilience and continuity. It guides your business and supply chain through water use patterns and water balance to identify supply risks and opportunities.

The Day Zero Readiness Program


Pre-program survey

This online survey helps us ascertain your current water situation and identify priorities for your bespoke program.


Onsite workshop

Held at your location of choice, this full-day workshop with your key staff identifies your business and supply chain risks, current water practices, water balance, opportunities for alternative water sources, and identify key stakeholders impacting or impacted by your water use.


Stakeholder workshop

This half-day facilitated workshop involves the key stakeholders you have identified to ascertain their perceptions and understanding of your operations and water use, and common opportunities for alternative water sources.


Day Zero Readiness Report

This report brings together the findings of the survey and the workshops to recommend adaptive and resilience-building actions for the consideration of your Executive Board and/or Senior Management.


The Day Zero Readiness Program is offered in Australia and costs AUD 6,000 (not including travel expenses and GST). Get in touch to learn more about this program or to participate.

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