With the end of financial year rapidly approaching WSA is making an appeal for donations to help us continue to develop and undertake the unfunded work associated with building and managing water stewardship in the Asia Pacific. This week’s newsletter and other recent editions amply demonstrate how AWS water stewardship is increasingly being taken up and applied in different countries, in different catchments and different industries and situations. This is happening because AWS offers a solution to the world’s water problems where existing approaches are either not working or not achieving the outcomes needed. Water stewardship is winning respect and gaining global recognition but we are under no illusion that there is some way to go before we can build a self-funding organisation to manage and lead this work. That is why donations are so important to our success. They provide essential funds for infrastructure and allow us to undertake the necessary supporting and promotional work that is often not recognised through project funding. We are asking people to make a donation – preferably a regular monthly donation but a one-off is appreciated – to our gift-deductible foundation. Independent trustees oversee all donations received by this public fund.

To make a donation follow this link to our foundation site. And read our latest news in our June 2016 Newsletter.


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