Households across Australia are invited to take the Water Steward Challenge this World Water Day to save water and help protect rivers, waterways and oceans.

Households that take positive water actions – such as using water-efficient appliances, taking shorter showers, choosing environmentally-friendly products, and participating in community clean-up-days– are eligible to receive a Water Steward self-adhesive label by completing an on-line survey.

Depending on their responses to the survey, households can attain one of four water steward classifications:  Platinum, Gold, Silver and Net Zero. Platinum classification is the highest level of achievement, followed by Gold and subsequently Silver. Households which rely only on water tanks can also attain Net Zero classification, indicating their net zero reliance on water supply providers.

Successful households can purchase their appropriate self-adhesive label(s) for their letterbox, house entry or car from $22 including GST.

The Water Steward program for households has been developed by the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) Asia-Pacific in partnership with Smart Approved WaterMark with input from water authorities and environmental organisations.

“The purpose of the Water Steward program is to reward, recognise and encourage the water saving efforts and positive environmental choices that many households are already doing. We want as many households as possible to become water stewards, especially as we need to adapt to our hotter and drier climate in Australia,” says Chris Wootton, CEO of AWS Asia-Pacific.

“Our latest research indicates that we all use water very subconsciously in the home. Most of us are too busy to think about where our water is coming from or how many times we touch the tap each day. Initiatives like the Water Steward program for households is one way that we can all get on board to help highlight our water saving efforts to others and help change the way we use water in our homes,” says Chris Philpot, CEO of Smart Approved WaterMark.

AWS Asia-Pacific operates in Australia, Indonesia and China and is a not-for-profit charity that certifies large water users against the AWS Standard – the only global independent certification program for sustainable water use.

Smart Approved WaterMark is the one-stop shop for water efficiency. It certifies water efficient products and services in Australia, Europe and the USA. It also provides advice to communities on saving water around the home, garden and business.

Information on the Water Steward Challenge is available at Bunnings stores from 22 March until 27 March.

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