Water stewards use water efficiently.

Water stewards choose environmentally friendly products.

Water stewards are careful with what they put into sewerage and stormwater systems.

Water stewards protect rivers, waterways and oceans.

Ready to find out if you’re a Water Steward?

Follow the three easy steps below.


Take the Water Steward Challenge Survey

Chat with our friendly frog bot, Ally, about your water actions and habits. It helps to have a recent water bill handy.


Claim your Water Steward label

If your responses show that you are a Water Steward, you can purchase self-adhesive labels for your letterbox, home entry or vehicle!

Our scoring system will let you know if you are Silver, Gold, Platinum or Net Zero Water Stewards.

Visit our FAQs below for more information on label prices and shipping costs.


Post a photo of your household and your label

Be sure to post a photo of your well-deserved label on social media and tag #waterstewardchallenge!

Frequently Asked Questions

What or who is a Water Steward?
Water Stewards:

  • use water efficiently
  • choose environmentally friendly products
  • are careful about what they place into the sewerage system
  • take action to protect our rivers, waterways and the oceans
Can I get some help with the Water Steward Challenge survey?
Of course! You can check out our Tips and Useful Links to help you.
I live outside of Australia. Can I take the Water Steward Challenge?
You can, but at the moment we can only post labels to Australia and New Zealand. Keep checking this space as we hope to offer international postage in the near future!
What is the difference between Silver, Gold, Platinum and Net Zero Water Stewards?
Silver, Gold, Platinum and Net Zero are the four Water Steward classifications awarded based on your survey responses.

  1. Silver is the entry level achievement. It means you have demonstrated good water habits and action, with some room for improvement.
  2. Gold is the advanced level achievement. It means you have demonstrated excellent water habits and actions, and can still improve.
  3. Platinum is the highest level of achievement. It means you have demonstrated exemplary water habits and actions.
  4. Net Zero is a special category for households that use their own water via water tank / bore. It means you have demonstrated Net Zero reliance on a water supplier and have achieved at least Silver status.
Where can I place my Water Steward label?
The self-adhesive laminated vinyl labels are designed to be UV-resistant and waterproof. They can be placed on any clean smooth surface.
We recommend placing one on your letterbox or door, but you can also place the labels on walls, fences, windows and vehicles.
How many Water Steward labels can I order?
You can order up to 5 additional labels – but these can only be ordered at the same time as your first label.
How much do the Water Steward labels cost?
Each label costs AUD 10. Each order attracts a one-time fee of AUD 5.50 that covers shipping and handling, data management and security, label production and printing, label certification and compliance, and support for our work. The breakdown of these costs are provided in the About this Initiative section. Australia-based orders will be charged 10% GST.
What other Water Steward products can I order?
You can order lapel pins for AUD 10 each (not including GST) while ordering your labels. We hope to expand our range to include products such as t-shirts, drink bottles and stickers. Check our website for updates!
What if I move house?
If you move within 12 months of receiving your Water Steward label, we will be happy to send you a free replacement label.
What if I have not been successful in achieving a Water Steward classification?
We offer a range of suggested actions to help you become a Water Steward. You can re-take the survey at any time.

You can also visit our Useful Links for further ideas and information.

How safe is the information I provide?
Your information will be handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Our survey system will ask for your postcode and surname, but you may provide a pseudonym if you do not wish to use your actual surname.
If you place an order for a label, your contact information will be used only for shipping and handling purposes.

Who developed the Water Steward program?
The Water Steward program for households is a collaboration between the AWS Asia-Pacific and Smart Approved WaterMark, with input from water authorities and environmental organisations.
What if I have a question, issue or complaint?
Please let us know. We would love to hear from you.

Important Information

  1. You agree to provide survey responses that are honest, truthful and to the best of your knowledge.
  2. The survey requests your surname and postcode. You may use a pseudonym if you do not wish to provide your actual surname.
  3. Any other personal information collected will be used for shipping and handling purposes, and treated in accordance with AWS Asia-Pacific’s Privacy Policy.
  4. The Water Steward Household logo may not be reproduced in any physical format without the permission of AWS Asia-Pacific and Smart Approved WaterMark.

About this initiative

The Water Steward Challenge survey and scoring system is based on the International Water Stewardship Standard, a comprehensive water performance improvement and certification framework.

The Water Steward program for households aims to promote water literacy and recognise responsible water use at the household level. Water steward labels are available for purchase. Funds go to:

What you pay for Water Steward products and shipping go towards these costs.

This program is brought to you by:

AWS Asia-Pacific
Smart Approved WaterMark

With the support of:

Ignition Point
Kensie Young

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