Inghams Enterprises has become the first major Australian company to test the new beta version International Water Stewardship Standard. The trial is being conducted at the company’s Somerville plant near Melbourne; the same plant that had previously tested the first Australian Water Stewardship Standard. Since that trial the plant has been rebuilt following a fire.

On this occasion it is intended that the trial will be broadened to include suppliers to the plant. This will allow the trial to engage smaller enterprises in this region. Water Stewardship Australia is also working with the Western Port Biosphere to expand the trial and engage water users beyond the chicken meat supply chain. The UNESCO recognized Biosphere has been working on the Watson Creek – once described by Melbourne Water and the EPA as Melbourne’s dirtiest creek – for many years and is interested in the potential of the standard to engage all major water users throughout the creek’s catchment.

If successful the trial will become a leading example of a multi-industry regional application of water stewardship.

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