“Much of southern Australia has had the lowest June rainfall in over 100 years of historical record and BoM is predicting a significant likelihood that the period of low rainfall will continue through to September! The increasing interest in water affairs and the need for good water management practices provides an opportunity for Water Stewardship Australia to further its work”, John Langford, Chair of WSA, expresses his thoughts.

Two recent reports highlight the relevance of water stewardship to Australia’s water challenges.  (1) Melbourne Water and the City’s three water retailers recently published three scenarios for Melbourne’s water future. (2) A Four Corners report on implementation of the Murray Darling Basin Plan highlighted the risks of cheating on the Plan and environmental water being taken for private economic use.  Water stewardship offers a bottom-up mechanism to encourage and reward legal compliance and progress toward best practice.

AWS is conducting special training programmes in Bangkok in the month of August intended for managers implementing water stewardship at a site or working with implementers as consultants or conformity assessment bodies.

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