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WSA_Image_supportersBreakfast with Mark Brune, Executive Chairman, Mintails

Mintails is the first mining company in the world to use the International Water Stewardship Standard as the foundation for the development of a new water policy. The Standard was developed by the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS), and Mintails is applying it in conjunction with the AWS and the Water Stewardship Council of Southern Africa (WSCSA). “The WSCSA believes that engagement with corporations willing to accept their changing role as custodians of water, rather than as consumers of water, is the most appropriate way to achieve a sustainable change in behaviour .”

Mark Brune of Mintails sees stewardship and collaboration as vital and necessary steps in managing natural resources: “Given our physical location in some of the most heavily impacted historical mine residue areas; and faced with the economic, social and environmental challenges associated with the legacy of mining, we need to think differently about how we address these challenges inclusively going forward. Our experience in working with and treating acid mine drainage is an example of this approach. It is by applying this experience in collaboration with a range of parties – from regional and national government to local communities, academics and NGOs – that we begin to have a meaningful impact on the stewardship of these vital national resources within our area of influence”

Mark was a keynote speaker at a session organised by AWS in collaboration with the German Government and the United Nations CEO Water Mandate at this year’s Stockholm International Water Week. This session will be hosted by Water Stewardship Australia, the Asia Pacific regional affiliate of the Alliance for Water Stewardship.


THURSDAY 28 November 2013, 7.30 a.m. for 8.00 a.m. start
Net Balance
Level 4, 460 Bourke Street

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