Non-Point Source Pollution in Peri-Urban Areas


Coliban Water hosted a meeting this week to consider how AWS Water Stewardship could contribute to addressing non-point source pollution in the developing peri-urban areas of the Upper Coliban catchment.

Areas north of the Great Dividing Range, on the fringe of Melbourne’s urban sprawl, are dealing with growing populations, increasing population density and changing land-use. These are not uncommon problems around major urban areas and can impact freshwater with water cost, amenity and ecosystem consequences.  The AWS International Standard can provide a respected framework for engaging different types of water users and landholders in understanding and addressing shared catchment challenges. This week’s meeting included a team from Water Stewardship Australia (WSA), representatives form the North Central Catchment Management Authority and Coliban Water (the regional water and sewerage service provider).  The group agreed to undertake some further work on aligning existing programs with the requirements of the AWS Standard as well as stakeholder analysis and engagement in the region.


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