Achieve net zero water use or secure funding for water performance improvement solutions through water offsetting.

Launching late 2020.

Make a net positive water impact by participating in our new water offset trading scheme.

We are establishing a Water Steward Offset Fund that pools resources from efficient water users and invests these funds in water-saving solutions. Think carbon offsetting, but for water!

Net Zero Water Users

If you are an efficient water user, you can buy offset credits to balance your water footprint and achieve Net Zero water use.

Net Zero Water Users are eligible to receive a Net Zero Water Label and Certificate.

You may be:

Greenfield and building developers
Building owners and tenants

Grants for Water Efficiency

If you are a water user seeking to improve your water efficiency, you may apply for a grant from the Water Steward Offset Fund for your proposed water-savings solution(s).

You are eligible if you are a:

Local council
School or Early Learning Centre
Small-to-medium (SME) business
Sporting club or association


Get in touch to learn more about this program or to participate.

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