September 2017 Newsletter: Forums and Training Programmes

Aboriginal Traditional Knowledge and Cultural Water are challenging topics to people trained in classical Western science, engineering and hydrology. Brad Moggridge is interested in bridging the gap between Traditional Science and Western Science. Trained as a scientist and hydrogeologist he is now researching how the combination of Traditional and Western Knowledge can achieve better public policy outcomes. Having contributed, along with colleagues Phil Duncan and Mr Wyatt, to the development of the AWS International Water Stewardship Standard, Brad has maintained his interest through his role as Special Advisor First Peoples’ Water to Water Stewardship Australia. Brad is a proud Murri from the Kamilaroi Nation and regularly presents evidence of his peoples’ understanding of water. Brad brings to water stewardship the perspective of more than 60,000 years of first peoples experiences on a dry continent. Until last year he was the team leader of the only dedicated Aboriginal water unit in Australia for nearly five years before it was disbanded by the NSW government.

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