Huanglongxian village – tea garden habitat, adopting AWS Standards

Alliance for Water Stewardship and QianBai Yuan are collaborating on a project for water management and improving the water quality in the tea farm, forest, vegetable farm, wetlands and part of the residential area of Huanglongxian village. The stakeholders, including the local government, farmers and residents, are willing to participate and support the implementation of Alliance for Water Stewardship International Water Stewardship Standard (AWS Standard).

With the current status quo in the area, farmers use chemical pesticides and fertilizers, the tea plant biodiversity is fragile, and the regional surface water quality needs to be improved. The management of water in the tea garden of QianBai Yuan could lead to reducing the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides in the garden, improving the water quality of its wetland, improving the health of its ecosystem, optimizing the tea quality and reducing the surface runoff pollution.

The project would achieve improvements in three fronts: environment, economy and reputation. In the environmental aspect, it would optimize the water usage and quality while improving the health of the tea garden ecosystem. In the economics aspect, it could develop ecological tourism and promote the local tea products. From a reputational point of view, the farm would be an innovative example of good water stewardship and elevate its credibility.

QianBai Yuan has been working on the tea farm and established environmental education base, where they introduced technology cooperation with AWS, WWF, Hohai University, Nanjing University, etc. In addition, they established a decentralized household sewage treatment demonstration and a base of rainwater collection and utilization demonstration. QianBai Yuan team constantly monitors the upstream and downstream water quality and conducts regional biodiversity survey in order to establish a tea garden habitat water management system.

In order to execute the goal to improve the water management of the tea farm, QianBai Yuan will introduce the Alliance for Water Stewardship Standard and help local villagers to build pilot projects in collaboration with the Huanglongxian village government.

This community-building demonstration draws on the experience and success of the Western Port Water Stewardship project in Victoria, Australia, led locally by Western Port Biosphere Reserve. That project has engaged 30+ sites, including: major businesses (Ingham’s, TGA Australia, Bluescope Steel), schools, small and medium enterprises, and single landholders in implementing the AWS Standard, and to collectively improve water quality flowing into the Western Port. You can read more about the Western Port Water Stewardship Project here.

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