An article from students engaging in water stewardship at Hangzhou Zhongce Vocational School…

Water Protection Hand in Hand

Authors: FanFeiyan, Han Jiahui, QiZhouyang
Directors: Qi, Yin, Zhao

In May 2016, led by the Alliance for Water Stewardship and Green Zhejiang (Zhejiang Green Technology and Culture Promotion Association), Hangzhou Zhongce Vocational School and Australian Somerville Secondary College established a contact, and conducted joint activities on water protection with Australian students, and the activities are achieved mainly by the students of Green Wing Environmental Protection Association. The two schools carried out activities locally, developed exchanges through e-mail, telephone, data exchange and other forms, and conducted timely visits.

Somerville Secondary College is located in a suburban town of the Mornington Peninsula of a wetland area with a pleasant environment, which is adjacent to Watson Creek and Yaringa Ocean National Park. The school aims to build the surrounding abandoned wetlands into a sustainable development community integrating education and leisure. As a result, students learn how to protect ecology and promote sustainable development in the practice of wetland protection. In addition, the water quality in the college is maintained well, rainwater is used as toilet water and plant irrigation water in the area, and more efforts are given in protection and improvement of biological diversity, etc.

Exchange data of Australia Somerville Vocational College

In our school, the environmental education (including water protection education) starts early and develops rapidly. For more than 20 years, we have cooperated and exchanged with youth environmental volunteers in eight countries such as Canada, Japan and Singaporean water protection. Green Wing Environmental Protection Community adheres to monitoring water quality of the canal perennially, and has undertaken river patrol and monitoring of water quality in Nanyingjia River of Xiacheng District, No.9 Gang River of Jianggan District, Yanshan River of West Lake District in recent years, and has won the title of 2015 Top Ten Green Zhejiang Environmental Observer. In addition, the school rainwater toilet – washing device-designed and implemented by the Green Wing members has been used for many years.

We exchanged activity photos and feelings by mail.  At 9 o’clock on July 29 (Beijing time), we conducted the first video call and exchange through the network. Xu Zhenzhen (Alliance for Water Stewardship, Asia Pacific Director) in Australia specifically rushed to the Somerville Secondary College to host this exchange and help translation. The new principal, project supervisor and student representatives (2011 and 2012) from the Somerville Secondary College attended the exchange.

First of all, Fan Feiyan introduced water protection objectives and a variety of water protection activities of the school and the community with good English. On July 28, Somerville Secondary College had just held a community-based activity on wetland protection, in which the two sides asked each other in happiness and harmony. Xu Zhenzhen proposed suggestions and hopes on our activities and further exchanges.  Also, we prepared a timetable for activities together and made exchanges through the network.  Under the guidance of the AWS, activities and exchanges will be carried out in depth.

Video call and exchange site

Australia and China, in the southern hemisphere and the northern hemisphere respectively, have a common objective. Let us work together and make greater efforts to protect water.

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