We aim to mainstream responsible water use by delivering water stewardship initiatives.

We demonstrate water stewardship practices and impacts.

AWS Asia-Pacific advocates for water stewardship in the region by providing technical services and running demonstration projects.

Select Initiatives

We support regional and local networks of water stewards.

We coordinate local and regional platforms for water stewardship dialogues, and represent Asia-Pacific members in the governance of AWS at the international level.

  • Indonesia Water Stewardship Forum

We nurture water stewardship capabilities.

AWS Asia-Pacific delivers AWS Standard Systems training and hosts knowledge sharing webinars and meet-ups for water stewardship practitioners.

The evolution of water stewardship

The concept of water stewardship was first developed in response to Australia’s Millennium Drought. In 2009, Water Stewardship Australia Ltd published the world’s first water stewardship standard with support from the Murray Darling Basin Authority.

Then, understanding the need for a globally consistent approach to water stewardship, Water Stewardship Australia led the formation of AWS International with partners The Nature Conservancy and the Pacific Institute. Together, these organisations coordinated the publication of the International Water Stewardship Standard, or AWS Standard, in 2014.

Not long after, Water Stewardship Australia expanded its operations beyond Australia and New Zealand to include initiatives in East and Southeast Asia. AWS Asia-Pacific, as the organisation is now known, is the peak body for water stewardship in our region.

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