WSA and AWS at International Rivers Symposium

Water Stewardship Australia and its international partner the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) held a joint seminar at this year’s International Rivers Symposium in Brisbane.  The well attended session, titled Building Catchment Level Engagement Through Water Stewardship, attracted a range of organisations interested in new approaches to engaging stakeholders in water stewardship.

The session was chaired by WSA Chair, Dr Jamie Pittock, and included: WWF International water stewardship lead Stu Orr talking about water stewardship and industry; WSA Secretary Michael Spencer talking about engagement of agribusiness in water stewardship, and; the Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority’s Helen Murdoch talking about water stewardship as a tool for NRM management.  WSA Board member and member of the International Standard Development Committee Professor John Langford took part in a part in a panel discussion.

Following the session at the Rivers Symposium, a public session was help at the offices of GHD in Brisbane.  There was considerable discussion at this session about the prospects for a field trial in the South East Queensland region.

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