Members are essential to the success of water stewardship.  They play a vital role in our multi-stakeholder governance system and contribute core infrastructure funding for the organisation.  It also helps us to promote uptake of water stewardship and the water stewardship brand in Australia and the Asia Pacific.

In appreciation of the support we receive from members, WSA provides support services in return.  Opportunities for members include:

  • Support services from the WSA CEO and/or Project Manager
  • Discounts on training and events organised by WSA
  • Participation in governance activities and the ability to stand for or elect the Board
  • Access to new tools as they are developed to help members participate in the water stewardship system
  • Your business logo and web-link on our website and other promotional opportunities that are relevant to water stewardship

Joint membership with the Alliance for Water Stewardship

In 2016 we introduced joint membership for people to support their local water stewardship organisation and the global umbrella organisation the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS).

AWS provides global governance, technical support and brand support.  It is the owner of the AWS International Water Stewardship Standard and it’s core activities are to protect the integrity and quality of the water stewardship system.

Members of Water Stewardship Australia can also become members of the Alliance for Water Stewardship for an additional amount that equates to 25 per cent of the AWS membership fee.

This heavily discounted AWS membership fee entitles the member to be listed on the AWS international website and participate in AWS governance while also contributing to the provision of international infrastructure for the system.

We encourage all WSA members to also become members of AWS if they can.  WSA provides the Chair of AWS so it is important that our members are well represented internationally.

Join us

To become a member, please contact us.