Our mission is to protect and enhance the natural environment through water stewardship to achieve our vision of a water-secure world for all.

Our History

During the Australian Millennium Drought, major water users came under intense scrutiny. Communities facing severe water shortages began calling for responsible water use in industry, agriculture, commerce, and recreation. Water users realised that they needed to demonstrate that their water consumption was not causing harm, and realised that they have a role to play in the equitable distribution of water resources.

It was during these lean and dry years that water stewardship was first conceived. In 2007, a group of diverse stakeholders came together to workshop what was known as the water stewardship concept. Water utilities, businesses, financial institutions, and communities agreed that there was a need for responsible water use with positive triple bottom line (social/cultural, environmental, economic) outcomes.

The workshop was a success, and water stewardship started to gain traction. Several prominent organisations began working together to form an international committee of experts responsible for building a new standard for water stewardship. As the water stewardship concept grew into a robust framework for action and verification, so did the need for leadership in the water stewardship system.

Water Stewardship Australia Ltd (trading as Water Stewardship Asia Pacific, WSAP) was incorporated in 2010 to lead water stewardship growth and uptake in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.

WSAP is a not-for-profit membership organisation registered with the Australian Charity and Not-for-profit Commission, with Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status. WSAP is led by a Board of Directors elected by our members.

Board of Directors

Michele Akeroyd

Board Chair

Deputy Lead Drought Resilience Mission, Agriculture and Food, CSIRO

Peter Caswell


Co-Deputy Chair

Chairman, Reparator
Pty. Limited

Carole Hammond

Carole Hammond

Co-Deputy Chair

CEO, Goulburn Murray Climate Alliance

Phoebe Mack


Board Member

Strategy Lead,
Integrated Water
South East Water

Graham Smith

Board Member

ANU Synbio
Network Leader


Board Member

Freshwater Policy and Governance Consultant

Our Team

Sandra Hall

Chief Executive Officer

Megan McLeod

Megan McLeod

Program Director

Constitution and Annual Reports

The governance of WSAP is set out by our Constitution.

WSAP Constitution

We report on our programs, projects and financial performance annually. Our reporting period is based on the Australian Financial Year, beginning 1 July and ending 30 June the following year.

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